Sasparillas Ice Cream and Soda Fountain in Strathpeffer is the only American Style 50's Diner in the Highlands of Scotland...

We serve loads fo goodies from simple take away cones and tubs, right through to Knickerboker Glories, Banana Splits, Waffles and of course Soda Floats.

Our American style Shakes are to die for and made with lots of stuff that's really good for you.

We also import American Soda's and are the only place where you drop in and buy yourself a genuine A&W Root Beer or better still an original can of American Mountain Dew (Mtn Dew) in a variety of flavours... okay - it costs a bit more than the UK version but it has all those fantastic American ingredients like "Yellow 5" and "High Fructose Corn Syrup". We just don't make drinks like they do.

Contact details

  • Cromartie Buildings
  • Strathpeffer
  • IV14 9DG
  • Tel: 01997 421500
  • Website: View the website

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